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Providing Eden and Beyond With Physical Therapy Services

ProTherapy Concepts Is Where Movement And Function Meet

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Providing Eden and Beyond With Physical Therapy Services


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Physical Therapy near Eden

Physical Therapy

Get relief from your discomfort, aches, and pains through effective physical therapy. Our team at ProTherapy Concepts uses proven techniques for diagnosing and relieving pain -- we can help you overcome injury or defy age. Join us in Eden and see how our professional staff can help you move better.

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Physical Therapy near Eden

Fitness & Wellness

Bounce back from any injury and return to form with our Fitness & Wellness in Eden. Our team of professionals is proud to work with men and women of any ailment or condition. Learn more or get started today!

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Physical Therapy near Eden

Sports Performance

Prepare for the season ahead and set yourself apart from the competition with our Sports Performance Training in Eden. Perfect for all ages and abilities, this program covers the skills you need to thrive in a wide range of sports.

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Physical Therapy near Eden

Mobile Outpatient Physical Therapy

Our In Home Physical Therapy Program can help you enjoy improved strength and mobility across all aspects of your life. Call to reserve your appointment today.

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Heather Bullins

I can not say enough positive things about Debbie Dabbs and all the staff at Protherapy Concepts. Debbie worked with me to rehab my shoulder after rotator cuff surgery and I found her to be just the r...

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Parker Ellis

Dr. Debbie Dabbs was absolutely amazing. She is the kind of provider who really cares for her patients, I highly recommend!...

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Amy Bland

Debbie has been the PT assigned to my dad's case following hospitalizations and rehab. She treated him like family and he looked forward to her visits. It was amazing to see the progress he made aft...

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Outpatient Physical Therapy. Mobile and In-Office.

As a former college gymnast, cheerleader, and physical educator, Debbie Dabbs has a passion for maximizing function and skill development in an athletic arena as well as through a physical therapy platform. ProTherapy Concepts began in 2006 as a part-time practice while Debbie was working full-time in a home health setting. As of December 2020, ProTherapy became fully operational with one physical therapist and has now expanded to multiple physical therapists on staff with our own location. Partnered with Eden Chiropractic, which happens to be owned by Debbie's husband, Dr. John Dabbs. ProTherapy offers in-clinic AND MOBILE outpatient physical therapy services. This mobile outpatient service in one-of-a-kind in the area and offers physical therapy services at patient homes upon the discretion of the patient or referral source. We will continue to partner with Eden Chiropractic and will be adding NCReps to the facility as well. NCReps will offer sports performance, cheer and tumble skill development, and personal training for ALL ages!

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Learn About the Services ProTherapy Concepts Offers

  • Physical Therapy

    Physical Therapy

    Our specialty is physical therapy and rehabilitation services. Our friendly staff of qualified therapists are ready to help you get back to doing all the things you love!

  • Postoperative Care

    Postoperative Care

     Through purposeful work, we're able to help you minimize scar tissue, restore strength, and regain range of motion faster after any operation. 

  • Pediatrics


     We offer our services for all ages! That means we can help your child develop strength, range of motion, and reach developmental milestones.

  • Strengthening


    By increasing strength of specific groups of muscles, you can reduce risk of future injuries and aid in functional activities.

  • Fall Risk Reduction

    Fall Risk Reduction

    We'll work through balance training, strength and endurance training, pain and fear management in order to keep you from causing injury in the future.

  • Vestibular Rehab

    Vestibular Rehab

    Vestibular relates to issues with your inner ear. With the right rehabilitation, you can reduce vertigo/dizziness, visual disturbances, and imbalance/falls as well as gain more gaze stability.

  • Sports Specific Rehab

    Sports Specific Rehab

    Whether you're coming back from injury or you simply want to improve your performance, we can help with proper form/technique depending on sport, pain management, strengthening, range of motion, and injury prevention.

  • Pelvic Floor Therapy

    Pelvic Floor Therapy

    Many people think of pelvic floor rehab only being necessary after childbirth, but it can be useful at other times as well. We can help you by providing methods of strengthening and relaxing pelvic muscles to increase mobility and decrease pain.

  • Neuro Rehab

    Neuro Rehab

    Let us aid in your recovery and prevent progression of neurological conditions. Together, we will help you restore functional mobility, strength, balance, and coordination.

  • Geriatrics


     From age 1 to 100, physical therapy can help with movement, development, and overall health. Prevent muscle atrophy, keep active, maintain independence, and decrease risk of falls or injury with our help.

  • Manual Therapy

    Manual Therapy

    Additional assistance sometimes makes therapy more effective. Our Physical Therapists use hands on techniques for soft tissue and joint mobilization/manipulation.

  • Dry Needling

    Dry Needling

    Reminiscent of acupuncture, Dry Needling makes use of thin monofilament needle penetrating the skin to relieve muscle pain and inflammation.

  • Kinesiotaping


    You've likely seen athletes wearing tape to combat injury. Kinesiotaping “lifts” the skin to alleviate pain and facilitates drainage and extra blood flow. It stabilizes the focused area and aids in your body’s natural healing process.

  • Blood Flow Restriction

    Blood Flow Restriction

    Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT) decreases blood flow to working muscles to increase muscle strength using less force/intensity. Overall, it reduces stress on the applied limb and helps make significant change.

  • Modalities


    We make use of several different tools to carry out our rehabilitation including ultrasound, electrical stimulation/TENS, heat, ice, and more.

  • Gait Training

    Gait Training

    We work on improving motion in lower extremity joints, strength, and balance. Overall, this training improves ability to stand and walk.

Specializing in physical therapy and rehab services, our friendly staff of qualified therapists are ready to help you get back to doing all the things you love!

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